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The Story of Ailanto

       Ailanto was launched in the spring of 2017, a culmination of Amanda’s dream to provide a continuation of family tradition and giving back in the long chain of artistic expression. Based in the Protomagno region of Italy, the company reflects the beauty of the Tuscan countryside with its hand drawn designs and meticulously matched colors, exentuating the warmth and love of life in Italian lighting.


       The unique wallpaper and fabric designs, both custom and bespoke bring interiors to life, providing guidance to both experienced industry professionals as well as the general public. The name itself stems from the wild Ailantus plant that blossoms in the spring all over the Italian countryside denoting the winged seeds which bore Amanda’s first ‘official’ design “Semi”. The exquisitely executed detail of Ailanto’s hand drawn and painted designs is the heartbeat of the company, reflecting all the adventurous experiences of Amanda’s own life and the world around her.

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