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About Amanda

         Born in England, Amanda Ferragamo has an incredible ability to capture the beauty of her lifelong love affair with Italy within the framework of her British upbringing. Her drawings and paintings bring her wallpapers and materials to life, while providing a patchwork reflecting the rich colours and experiences of her own family, adventures and exquisite gardens.


         Amanda’s fascination with art and form began as a young child and was further developed through her art studies in Florence at the age of just sixteen. It was here that she met her husband with whom she raised five children and it is this family structure that provides her a multi generational vision through which she designs.  


         Ailanto began in 2017, a legacy of sustainably crafted and hand drawn artwork bursting with life and passion. It is a vivid testament to the strength of a woman whose appreciation of nature and colour are as close to her heart as the animals and loved ones who surround her; inviting the beholder into a magical world, her world, the world of Ailanto.

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