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       Children for Amanda are the core of her inspiration whether it be her own five or the twelve grandchildren who followed. She painted on walls and furniture long before the birth of Ailanto and the bright colors and fairytales of her own childhood have all inspired the magic that stems from imagination and reinvents the adventures of early innocence. The Children’s Collection of designs is a mixture of her own childhood fantasy with the reality of the later generation. Magical and majestic, it is a twist on multi-cultural intrigue weaving stories and generations together to create a final and always mischievous twist.

Children's Collection: Gallery
Angkor Wat AW003W.jpg


Begun during her travels to Cambodia, this design is a swift shift into the fast-paced adventure of intrigue inspired by films such as Indiana Jones and novels by Kipling. The colors and detail reincarnate ruins amongst trees and temples that are larger than life and capture a story that inspires even the most skeptical of critics. The elephants, monkeys and hot air balloons (in which Amanda went up during her visit) translate historical magic from every angle and transport the beholder into a world of fantasy where anything is possible so long as you believe.

Vibrant Green.JPG


Inspired by an early childhood tale of being out in a field with cabbages and caterpillars, Amanda cleverly depicts the timeline of youth and beauty and intertwines it with her present-day granddaughter CocoMay’s bunny Rosie.  Amanda’s youngest daughter now grown, currently runs a farm to table garden in Tuscany which completes the process of this family’s connection with nature and the cycle of life. It is a beautiful representation that captures the magical innocence of childhood, blossoming and taking flight only to begin again.

Squirell SQU002W(2) - Copy.jpg


Amanda’s daily walks through the Tuscan countryside are surrounded by the great oaks in which the red squirrels reside. This design is a playful twist on her five children, markedly her twin boys whose naughty characters are reinterpreted through their antics that are caught in the cyclical tree of life. These trees also have a magical and majestic meaning to them which is unique to this part of the country and goes back to the time of the Druids drawing together a design of family, love and tradition.

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