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Hand Drawn and Painted

by Amanda Ferragamo

         Born in England, Amanda Ferragamo has an incredible ability to capture the beauty of her lifelong love affair with Italy within the framework of her British upbringing. Her drawings and paintings bring her wallpapers and materials to life, while providing a patchwork reflecting the rich colours and experiences of her own family, adventures and exquisite gardens.


         Amanda’s fascination with art and form began as a young child and was further developed through her art studies in Florence at the age of just sixteen. It was here that she met her husband with whom she raised five children and it is this family structure that provides her a multi generational vision through which she designs.  


         Ailanto began in 2017, a legacy of sustainably crafted and hand drawn artwork bursting with life and passion. It is a vivid testament to the strength of a woman whose appreciation of nature and colour are as close to her heart as the animals and loved ones who surround her; inviting the beholder into a magical world, her world, the world of Ailanto.

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We work with both industry professionals and members of the public, looking to create inspirational spaces. Whether you bring years of experience or are new to the interior design world, our team are here to help you realise your vision.

It’s the details you don’t quite notice that make the difference, and it’s this understated quality that is at the essence of everything we do at Ailanto.

Amanda Ferragamo
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Ailanto’s co-founder, interior designer Keeley Green, established her London studio after completing a master’s degree in interior design in Florence, Italy.

A refined sense of grace, character and keen eye for quality underpin Keeley’s sensibility for ‘relaxed elegance with an edge’.

The launch of the Kili collection in September 2019 is Keeley's first design contribution for Ailanto.


Her aesthetic translates across bespoke commercial developments, boutique hotels and high end residential projects.





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Ailanto’s wallpapers are printed with water-based non-toxic inks which are environmentally safe and free from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).


Ailanto’s carefully chosen wallpaper manufacturer are part of the FSC Chain of Custody and they comply with all relevant FSC requirements. They are proud to carry the FSC logo on their labels.


A high percentage of the wallpaper base is biodegradable and when it comes to packaging, both cardboard and shrink film are recyclable.

Any waste created during production is sent away and recycled to produce energy and a high-tech water treatment facility ensures that any dirty water is fully filtered and clean when discharged into the sewers. Regular testing maintains the high standard of cleanliness.

Only the highest quality raw materials are used to ensure wallpaper will continue to look fabulous on the wall for years. All wallpapers have a fire certification pass rating of B-s1-d0 according to the Construction Products Regulation, which allows them to be hung anywhere in a commercial building.


We can provide fire certificates on request. The Declaration of Performance (DoP) and CE markings on our labels confirm compliance with European standards.


Ailanto’s carefully chosen textile manufacturer in Italy pays great attention to the selection of its suppliers and has implemented a procedure which allows to initially select and periodically monitor their suppliers according to the criteria of quality, service and competitiveness as well as the parameters of social and environmental responsibility.


In this respect the Supplier Code and the Code of Ethics are an integral part of supply contracts.

All yarns/fabrics (along with other materials like chemicals for instance) are selected from suppliers which are in compliance with the criteria established in both Codes being also in conformity with the principles of SA8000 certification.

The manufacturer is also a contributor of ZDHC, the program which aims to eliminate the hazardous chemicals from production processes along the value chain. They regularly monitor the compliance of its chemicals and dyes from its suppliers asking them to respect the parameters of the MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List)

In addition to the above, please note that all the activities of the Group are carried out within an organization which obtained a variety of certifications: SA8000, ISO14001, ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO50001, Oekotex Standard 100 which are the expression of their commitment to values of social responsibility, protection of the environment, quality of the services and products offered.

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